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Birds learn languages


After the book was published I read a newspaper article that surprised me.


When I grow up I’ll play the clarinet with the whales.

“I play the clarinet next to birds and whales...” I continued reading.

“...I am 46. I was born in New York. I am a philosophy teacher and a jazz musician. I study birdsong and humpback whale song...”

That’s odd, I though, and carried on reading.

“..Science always looks for the function of every aspect, its evolutionary weight, but it doesn’t end to weigh up the joy of beauty in itself. And that is a factor that should be studied a bit more, because it is almost certainly involved in the evolutionary process of life...”

Amazing, I thought, and carried on reading.

“Male whales sing songs every 20 minutes, each with its own rhythm, melody, sections, tempo...”

Interesting, I thought, and carried on reading.

“...Do birds change their songs when in contact with humans? Some birds turn the volume up. And there are some species that have started to imitate sirens, alarms, chainsaws...and gunshots.




Birds learn languages
SM ediciones, 2008

International Illustration Prize
SM Foundation 2007

225 x 270 mm
32 pages
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